About us

We are committed to our task and we have the ability to respond promptly to our clients’ requests within an adequate budget. We have the contribution of a graphic designer and an English translator as well as freelance medical writing technicians.

We are guarantee of commitment and excellence.

Bringing Solutions

Bringing solutions for technical and professional writing.

Interdisciplinary Team

We have an interdisciplinary approach, guaranteeing excellence and commitment in our service.


Mutual respect and direct links with our clients is our priority.

Our Mision

  • Service

    Attending our clients' needs to transform them into an effective service.

  • High quality and excellence

    Continuous development into the different disciplinary areas that make professional writing.

  • Trust

    To challenge our competences, enrich our results and validate our continued commitment to our clients.

About us


Alejandra Massa

PhD in Biological Sciences

Data processing
Experimental design
Medical writing


Luciana Filocco

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Data processing
Experimental design
Medical writing

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